Our Services

1. Car Parking Operation

MAAC undertakes installation, management, and maintenance services of automated car parking facilities in commercial, residential, and industrial areas. Advanced and efficient systems are used to carry out a convenient parking experience with safety ensured with assistance from real-time surveillance and monitoring.

2. Janitorial,house Keeping & Fleet Management

The efficiency of commercial spaces is enhanced with MAAC’s fully mechanical housekeeping and janitorial services in the best possible cost-effective way while maintaining the environmental guidelines and cleanliness standards. Fleet management includes overseeing, managing, and monitoring services to increase productivity.

3. Horticulture & Landscape Maintenance

Involving expert planning and skilled work, MAAC's horticulture & landscaping services include complete management and maintenance of lawns, gardens, and ground with planning and execution of irrigation and lighting. We create a landscape to complement your vision and illuminate your growth.

4. Solid Waste Management & Recycling

Maintaining the environmental regulations and compliances, solid waste is segregated, managed, and recycled. Customized on-site solid waste management plants are also installed with automated operation and monitoring facilities. Appropriate measures are adopted in case of hazardous waste.

5. Comprehensive Building Service

Ensuring a safe, clean and hygienic complex is our priority and expertise. Prior assessments are done to prepare a comprehensive plan for your building. Professionals and services are assigned accordingly with strict monitoring and automated surveillance systems.

6. Administrative Support Services

Trained and skilled professionals of MAAC assist to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your day-to-day business maintaining regulations and order. Clerical tasks such as organizing meetings and events, making travel arrangements, printing and recordkeeping, implementing office procedures regularly, and handling inquiries, etc. are methodically carried out.

7. Pest Control Services

Proper assessment is carried out to understand types and levels of infestation at the facilities and plans are made and executed accordingly to keep any residential or commercial complex free of harmful pest infestation. Environment friendly, as well as child-safety measures, are adopted during pest control procedures.

8. Security Services

Security of physical property and human safety is the prior concern MAAC efficiently handles in commercial as well as residential complexes. Specialized security services include screening facilities, real-time monitoring of each corner through surveillance devices, automated lock and alarm systems, and regular patrolling and guarding. MAAC’s security professionals are well-trained in crisis and threat management.

9. Mechanical, Electrical And Plumbing Services

MAAC’s professional expertise includes automated as well as manual maintenance of the building’s electrical, mechanical, and plumbing services. Professionals with special training monitor these services to avoid any unwarranted inconvenience and maintain luxurious comfort and high efficiency of the complex’s functions.

10. Sanitation Services

You choose to maintain the good health of the people of the building when you choose the highly professional and precision-driven sanitation services of MAAC for your building. Covering a variety of sanitation needs beyond regular disinfection and sterilization of all surfaces, special attention is given to feminine hygiene.

11. Facade Solutions

With innovative, effective, advanced designing and maintenance solutions customized for you, we make your building facade exceptional. It sets the tone for the rest of the building and the interiors.

12. Front Office Solutions

The front office is the face of any commercial establishment. MAAC’s professional and highly skilled front office services include maintaining in-house communication, handling visitors’ inquiries and requests, maintaining a database of services impart, and ensuring satisfactory efficiency even in the busiest of days.

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