Car Parking Management

Car Parking Management

PMS (Parking Manegement System) is a system for managing pay-to-park parking lots, for both occasional and registered parkers. Composed of entry & exit controller, entry & exit barrier, real-time monitor camera, cash register, software etc. AMSEN PMS makes your parking lots secure. high efficient and with full record of statics.

What we do
  • Design
  • install
  • Commission
  • Operate

Parking Management System :

PMS constitutes of
  • Real Bme Vehicle counBng – The vehicle counBng system consBtutes of a non intrusive vision based vehicle counBng system. This will be installed in every level such that the management gets real Bme knowledge of the number of cars present in every level.
  • Real Bme parking availability display – Display boards displays the number of empty slots at every leve
  • Video Surveillance (opBonal) – an opBonal mulB camera video surveillance system can be integrated into soluBon
  • Operate
  • Prevent Vehicle The
  • Increase Public Safety
  • Reduce Liability
  • IdenBfy Unpaid / Prohibited Vehicles



For both temporary & register cars, 'one-card-one-vehicle' feature ensure driver a quick, convenient and safe service. also it can be integrated with the 'one-card-one-solution' system.

Multi-type of Card

For registerd cars. card type such as time card, number card, stored value card, cluster card (multiple-card for one parking space) can be set by parking manegment software.

Customized Charging Standards

variety categories of customized charging standards for option, each comprises many sub items such as free time. charging rates during different periods, charging fee during the night, batch charging and maximum amount.

idiot proof software with multi-function

The software provides the operators with idiot proof and user-friendly interface. And practical multi function , such as managing registered parkers and occasional parkers. Real-time surveillance etc. it also supports network version.

Automatic Plate Number Recognition

With plate number recognition, parkers can enter or leave parking lots without stop. In addition, if the plate number captured by exit camera does not match the plate number captured by entry camera, the system will alarm.

Flexible Management of Parking Spaces

LED screen displays parking space for either temporary cars or registered cars, and free parking space can be transferred to others cars. All can be done by parking management software.

Suitable for Various Installing Environment

Modularized configuration structure fits various installing environment, such as double lane, single lane, separated entry & exit, and integrated entry & exit, etc. It is also capable of prompt function with check-in and check-out simultaneously in single lane.

“Photo Comparison” ensures double parking safety

When vehicle leaves at the exit, two photos respectively taken by CCTV cameras (installed at entry and exit) will be shown together side by side on PC screen for comparison to ensure the safety of parking.

Products Available

Entrance Controller

It gives occasional parkers barcode tickets to gain access to the parking lots. While registered parkers get access by self-service swiping their cards close to the reader built-in Entrance Controller, or enter w/o stop by using long range RFID tag. Typically Entrance Controller is coupled with Entrance Barriers, Loop Detectors, and optional accessories, depending on the site requirements.

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Exit Controller

With it registered parkers can leave by self-service swiping the cards close to the reader built-in Exit Controller, or leave w/o stop card is read by external long range reader. Typically Exit Controller i coupled with Exit Barriers, Loop Detectors, and optional accessorie depending on the site requirements.

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Autopay Station (APS)
  • Ergonomic casing design.
  • Modular hardware layout
  • Compact internal mounting frame.
  • Attractive & informative front panel.
  • Customer friendly payment guide.
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  • Pentium IV Motherboard and Processor.
  • 512MB SDRAM & 40GB Hard Disk.
  • 15” LCD Monitor.
  • Bar-code Scanner.
  • Dot-matrix Receipt Printer
  • 600VA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS + AVR).
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  • Ergonomic & Weatherproof casing design
  • Compact internal mounting frame.
  • Vandal resistant multi points door lock.
  • Attractive & informative front panel.
  • LCD display with backlight and contrast adjustable.
  • Four way bank note recognition.
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  • issue barcode parking ticket with entry record at entrance.
  • intelligent controller that can run in stand-alone or on-line mode.
  • with LCD display to give guidance to driver during transaction time.
  • high paper roll capacity of at least 2,500 tickets per roll.
  • built-in photo sensor to give paper roll low level indication.
  • internal mounting bracket ready for intercom & season reader.
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A smart card is a device that includes an embedded integrated circuit that can be either a secure microcontroller or equivalent intelligence with internal memory or a memory chip alone. The card connects to a reader with direct physical contact or with a remote contactless radio frequency interface.

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