Electrical Distribution System

Electrical Distribution System

The primary purpose of an electricity distribution system is to meet the customer's demands for energy after receiving the bulk electrical energy from transmission or subtransmission substation. There are basically two major types of distribution substations: primary substation and customer substation.

The long successful journey of MAAC started with the vision and the courage of a great leadership and amazing teamwork which resulted in incorporating the MAAC brand in INDIA and worldwide. The founder identified the vacuum at the time for a trusted panel builder with excellent relationship building skills. It has been the continuous quest to identify the needs and fulfill our clients exceeding client satisfaction that led MAAC to where it is today.

Low Voltage Power Distribution Board

MAAC Low Voltage Power Distribution Boards are well known for its Quality, Design and Development together with an exceptional After Sales Service. MAAC Low Voltage Panel Boards are designed using MAAC fully modular enclosures and the designs have won numerous awards and certifications proving the organizations solid standing in the industry which is self-evident with over two decades of expertise.

Modular Electrical Enclosure

The innovative “Axial Corner Module” brings in a unique advantage to the end user as it will add strength to the modular enclosure frame making the assembly rigid and strong. The system has been tested rigorously and proven to withstand harmful conditions and present numerous mounting options, which can be useful for many different industries.

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