Bus Car Trunking

Bus Car Trunking

Busway trunking systems possess strong R&D resource, perfect quality and satisfactory service, which have successfully completed many projects to overseas and local market. With the continuing product research and development process carried out by Mega Technology(Zhenjiang) Co.,Ltd, we are able to provide uniquely designed and highly reliable products. This is achieved by adopting sophisticated thermodynamic design applications and quality manufacturing methods to deliver high performance products to our customers.

Technology Service:

Continuous attention payed to the world frontiers of electrical development,together with a number of invention patents,ensuring advanced products matched with your projects.

Quality Service:

Sound quality assurance system and information management systems, German manufacturing technology and processing methods, ensuring the superior quality of products!

Using environment:
  • Indoor or outdoor site at an altitude of 2,500 m below.
  • Indoor or outdoor site at relative humidity of 98% below.
  • Indoor or outdoor site at ambient temperature between 0 OCto 50 OC.
Robust Housing

OPTIMUS busway trunking systems are high heat dissipation, extremely low impedance ground path and totally enclosed (sandwich type) in the steel or aluminum housing. Any orientation of the system under severe site conditions will not affect the performance of the busduct.

OPTIMUS busway trunking system has been successfully tested of 7.0 earthquake strength on three axis simulations oftheAC156, IBC2006 andASCE7-05 standard.

A. The aluminum alloy or aluminum extrusion housing (referred to as AE type) is corrosion resistant, providing high heat dissipation and low impedance, with 100% grounding capacity. The powder coated aluminum alloy or aluminum extrusion housing has been tested to with stand the salt spray test.

B. The powder coated cold rolled steel or electro-galvanised steel (referred to as CS type) is corrosion resistant, providing maximum mechanical strength against electro-magnetic stresses during shortcircuit. Busway temperature rise doesn't exceed 55 oc. Higher reliability to withstand 25% of overloading capacity for continuous 24 hours operation, choosing according to customers' requirements.

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