Car Parking Locator

Car Parking Locator

The car parking locator has multiple requirements which are as under:

The primary object of car parking locator is to find Web Based / Non Web Based finding of Car Parking space in the nearby parking lots, thus the driver does not has to roam out to find the nearest available parking slot and book them advance for the time they need to park their vehicle it’s a hassle free parking solution.

Sometimes it is difficult to remember the exact location of vehicle which is been parked in large parking areas which has multiple levels and multiple bays in such situation the technological solution are available wherein by touch of bar code of parking ticket the user may find exact location of the car parked in large parking areas.

This is been used to facilitate the drivers and temporary parkers to easily find the exact location of theparked vehicle. This solution is been achieved with combination of license plate reader and cameras installed at parking base.

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